‘RE•CONNECT therapy’ is right at the core of what I want to offer the world. With this therapeutic program, my own life experience, background in working with people, yoga and meditation practice of over 10 years and what I learned from inspiring teachers around the world come together.

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The RE•CONNECT journey

  • Online or offline
  • Nederlands / English
  • Free intake consult
  • 3-5 coachings, one hour, once a week
  • Exercises & homework in between
  • A personal practice plan for the rest of your life
  • Follow-up meetings whenever you like
  • Prices start from €45/hour (online coaching)

RE•CONNECT therapy works towards integrating the whole of your being, allowing a deeper, connecting source of healing, rest, recovery and strength to emergy, reconnecting with the flow of life.

5 stages to RE•CONNECT

  1. Learn to find more moments of calm and rest.
  2. Learn to observe body, thoughts and feelings.
  3. Learn to work with body sensations, overthinking and difficult moments.
  4. Towards a caring, connecting relation with yourself, others and the world.
  5. Get your own personal practice scheme to continue your journey.

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Or… start with a 8 week Mindfulness course to learn the basics of mindful living.

> individually customized

> switching between deep conversation, meditation, breathing & body awareness techniques

> Connecting to your deeper self is very personal and happens for all of us in different ways

> You’ll be guided to connect with the whole of your being in a physical, energetical, mental and spiritual dimension

> By the end of  the programme you’ll be able to go on with the exercises by yourself

When is this for you?

  • Learn about ways to cope better with stress, pain, loss, anxiety, anger or fear
  • How to maintain a more healthy, balanced lifestyle
  • Relax your body and clear your mind more often
  • Build a better connection with your body (and soul)
  • Discover the benefits of conscious movement & breathing techniques
  • Improve your communication patterns
  • Stop criticising and destructive thinking
  • Find more focus on what matters
  • Get to know yourself and your needs
  • Learn about selfcare
  • Increase personal and emotional growth
  • Find more meaning in life

Read more about my background and my medical advice.

What others say

Niels neemt de tijd om te luisteren naar je verhaal en geeft gericht advies op maat. Zijn tips hebben mij geholpen om beter om te gaan met stress. Ik gebruik ze nog regelmatig. Niels is zelf een gepassioneerd beoefenaar, pluspunt voor mij was de combinatie van yoga met mindfulness die hij me bijbracht.

Mijn individuele begeleiding startte professioneel, met een goed voorbereid intakegesprek. Op basis hiervan wordt volgens de noden een zorgvuldig programma uitgewerkt, steeds in overleg. Goede kennis van zaken. Voldoende info om zelfstandig verder aan de slag te gaan.